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Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12 with 3.5 L capacity has PMMA transparent, smooth surface jar design. High quality O-ring is used to make tight sealing between jar and lid. Adopted with quick snap-shut coupling, enables quick connection to the system in a one soft move. The number of gas packs needed may vary in brands and pack size, required to create anaerobic condition in the jar.



Type Hermetic type
Capacity 3.5 L
Contents 1 stack of 18 dishes (90 to 100 mm diameter)
Petri dish holder 15/25 R
No of Gas packs 2-3 no.
Time taken 2 to 4 hours (to attain anaerobic condition)
Material PMMA material
Clamp Colored stainless steel clamp
Quick snap-shut coupling Yes
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 245 × 215 × 495 mm
Gross weight 3.0 kg
HS Code 3926909090


  • 3.5 L Capacity
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Transparent jar and lid
  • Strong Jar-lid clamp construction
  • High quality airtight performance
  • Colorless, durable stainless steel clamp
  • Use of alcohol to clean the jar


Used in anaerobic incubation of bacterial cultures for research and testing across microbiology, biotechnology, pathology, virology and other fields.

Standard Accessories

Accessories no. Name
1 Anaerobic Jar
2 Jar Lid
3 Culture Plate Holder
4 Clamp

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