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Triple beam balance LTBB-A10

Triple beam balance LTBB-A10

Triple beam balance LTBB-A10 is a benchtop unit which can weigh items up to 2610 g and has a sensitivity of 0.1 g. Features like 6 inch platform, faster weighing, durable material etc. to get accurate measurements. It is economical, can accommodate variety of products for weighing, easy to use and understand, requires least maintenance, has magnetic damping system and doesn’t require electricity or battery. It can be used commercially as well as for personal use.



Capacity 2610 g
Division 0.1 g
Beam Calibrations Front Rod: 10 × 0.1 g
Middle Rod: 500 × 100 g
Back Rod: 100 × 10 g
Tare 0 to 225 g
Pan Dimension 150 mm
Material of Pan Stainless iron
Net Weight of Pan (1 pc) 1.8 kg
Gross Weight of Pan (1 pc) 2.2 kg
Dimension 430 × 100 × 170 mm
Packaging Dimension (4 pcs) 510 × 370 × 470 mm (by carton)
Gross Weight 10 kg


  • Magnetic damping system to stabilise the pointer faster
  • Stainless iron pan
  • Highly precise and can measure from 0.1 g to 2610 g
  • All values measured in grams
  • Manual tare option
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Requires least maintenance
  • Highly economical


It is used in physics and chemistry labs, research institutions, mines, electronic industry, textile industry etc.

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