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Color Assessment Cabinet LCAC-A10

Color Assessment Cabinet LCAC-A10

Color Assessment Cabinet LCAC-A10 is equipped with 6 light sources. The consistency of the light sources in all Tilo Colour Assessment Cabinets gives excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour critical decisions under consistent lighting. Features no preheating, no flashing, which ensures fast and reliable color evaluation and economic power consumption and low heat generation for high light efficiency. To avoid/reduce the assessment error when performing color contrast, the user can make use of a color matching light box / Viewing Booth / color matching instrument to simulate different light sources to obtain an objective assessment of color and color difference, anytime, anywhere. It is used independently or in combination with other light sources to more effectively detect fluorescent whitening agents on products, dyes and coatings.



Configuration D65, TL84, F, UV, CWF, TL83 six light sources
Dimension 695 × 552 × 502 mm
Weight 25 kg
Light sources
Name Color temperature (k)Power (W)
D65 International Standard Artificial Daylight6500 k18 W
TL84 Applied to stores in Europe, Japan and China4000 k18 W
CWF Cool White Fluorescent) American Standard4150 k18 W
F Sun-setting Light Yellow" incandescent light source (imitation of sunset)2700 k40 W
UV Viewing under ultraviolet light to detect and evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigmentsWave length: 365 nm 20 W
TL83 Warm White Fluorescent American Standard3000 k18 W


  • Seamless structure design, no light leakage, no light transmission, avoid interference between light sources
  • It increases the elastic food pad (standard) to avoid scratching the table and increase stability
  • Automatically switched the light source and has metamerism function
  • Offers no preheating, no flashing, which ensures fast and reliable color evaluation
  • Adopts low energy consumption, no heat (no need for heat dissipation), high luminous efficiency
  • Designed with TILO Color light cabinet render color more accurately
  • Equipped with 6 different light sources (D65, TL84, CWF, TL83/U30, F, UV), which can detect the metamerism


Color Assessment Cabinet is used to the industries that need to perform color difference testing as follows: as the premiere designer and manufacturer of color matching instrument products for the Graphic arts, Photographic, Textile, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Leather, Inks, Knitwear, Plastic, Automotive and Ceramics industries across used in multiple light source switches, which can easily detect the presence or absence of metamerism between samples.

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