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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LHST-A20

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LHST-A20

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LHST-A20 is a compact, tabletop device having magnetic stirrer with heating function, offers rotating speed of 100 to 1200 rpm. Designed with round glass ceramic top plate and octahedral stir bar provides maximum set temperature of 450˚ C. With USB port interface and timer, memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature, and high safety protection, this device offers 20 L of capacity. Equipped with advanced microprocessor controlling system with 2 PID parameters set, infrared heating element, PT100 temperature sensor and PT100 sensor holder provides quick heating with stable temperature. LCD digital display with knob control, corrosion resistant sealed casing with isolated critical parts design and drainage above control boards ensures convenient and hassle-free usage.



Capacity 20 L
Top plate shape Round
Top plate material Glass ceramic
Top plate dimensions Ф135 mm
High temperature protection 50℃ ( Factory set value 50℃ ,10 to 50℃ adjustable)
Maximum set temperature (Hot plate) 450° C (continuous)
Maximum set temperature (with PT100) 300° C
Safety temperature 50 to 500° C (adjustable)
Temperature stability (with PT100) ±2° C
Stirring speed range 100 to 1200 rpm
Timer 1 to 1999/min; continuous
Stir bar Octahedral stir bar
Motor NA
Heating element Infrared heating element
Motor power NA
Heating capacity 800 W
Display LCD digital display
Controller Microprocessor
PID parameters 2 sets
Temperature sensor PT100 with PT100 sensor holder
Control panel Rotating knobs
Memory function Stirring speed and setting temperature
Safety Protection system Overheating, Flashing high temperature indicator, warning for hurt by touch
Sealing Hermetically sealed from above
Corrosion resistance Yes
Chemical resistance Yes
Drain Yes (above control board)
Interface and communication USB; USB (COM)
Power supply 220 to 240 V/50 to 60 Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 430×310×430 mm
Weight 7.5 kg


  • Advanced microprocessor controlling system with PID parameters set, PT100 temperature sensor and PT100 sensor holder
  • Octahedral Stir Bar for efficient stirring
  • Accurate solution temperature in general range
  • Bright and clear LCD digital display with memory of the last working parameters
  • Ceramic glass top plate with infrared heating element
  • Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts design with drainage above control board
  • Knob control with high safety protection
  • Memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Rapid heating speed with safety temperature protection system
  • USB interface with communication
  • Reliable, stable and hermetically sealed guarantees long, hassle free and convenient usage


Hotplate magnetic stirrers are used for organic synthesis, extraction, analysis of oil products, pH-measurements, dialysis, soil suspending, preparing buffer solutions etc. across the field of chemical engineering, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, geology, scientific research, biotechnology, biochemistry etc.

Standard Accessories

Octahedral stir bar
PT100 Temperature sensor (Length: 170 mm; Diameter: 4 mm; Material: Stainless steel)
Holder and clamp for PT100 temperature sensor

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