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Infrared Hotplate Stirrer LIHS-A11

Infrared Hotplate Stirrer LIHS-A11

Infrared Hotplate Stirrer LIHS-A11 is a microprocessor controlled portable unit with a continuous top plate temperature of 0 °C to 500 °C. Features an easy to read digital display with an adjustable setting for working time, temperature and stirring speed. Chemically resistant ceramic glass plate provides excellent heat transmission with even distribution. Infrared heating element for effective heat production. Dual PID supports quick heating of large volume sample or accurate control of small amount of sample.



Display mode LCD
Plate temperature 0 °C ~ 500 °C ( continuous )
Safety temperature 50 °C ~ 550 °C ( adjustable )
PID parameters 2 set
Rotating speed 100 rpm ~ 1200 rpm
Control Digital set and control
Solvent temperature 0 °C ~ 300 °C
Temperature stability ± 2 °C
Heating capacity 600 W
Maximum H2O capacity 20 L
Plate material Glass ceramic
Timer 1 ~ 9999 mins / continuous
High temperature protection (Δ T) 25 °C
Top plate dimensions ᴓ 135 mm
Dimensions 225 x 215 x 115 mm


  • Microprocessor PID controlled
  • Memory function with fixed conditions (stirring speed and temperature)
  • Liquid drainage above control board (avoiding solution splashing on touch board )
  • High transparency silicon rubber ( resistance to acid, base and organic solution)
  • Temperature sensor for effective control
  • Push buttons for easy adjustment of parameters
  • Chemically resistant ceramic glass plate (antithermal-shock)
  • Hot top warning indicator
  • Automated system shut down on exceeding preset temperature
  • Dual PID for quick heating


Used for liquid mixing, in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio- pharmaceuticals etc.

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