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Microscopic Camera LUMC-A10

Microscopic Camera LUMC-A10

Microscopic Camera LUMC-A10 comes with 2/3" CCD Sony ICX285 sensor, aluminum alloy shell and PCB design. With C-mount fitting attachment, better rate of frames readout per second, it gives better visual microscopic inspection & measurement of the specimen under study. Widely used as microscopic camera attachment across research institutes, gemology, forensic and other industries.



Sensor type CCD Sony ICX285 sensor
Camera type Black and white or color, Cool (to be fit for low temperature) camera
Sensor size 2/3”
Resolution 1.4 MP
Pixel size 6.45×6.45 µm
Total active pixels 1360×1040
Resolution, display mode 26 fps at 1360 × 1040, ROI mode
Peltier device No
Scan mode Progressive scan mode
Frame rate 26 fps @1360×1040, 40 fps @680×520
Integrated filter Yes
Shutter Global shut
SNR 74 dB
Spectral response range 400 to 1000 nm
Refrigeration temperature -40°C
Data interface USB 3.0
Power DC 12V ± 5%, cooler
Current Appx. 300 mA, 4A (cooler)
White balance Automatic regional white balance
Auto exposure control 100 µs to 30 minutes
Product indicator LED
Working temperature 0 to 60°C
Working Humidity 45 to 85% RH
Lens mount C-mount
Supported OS Microsoft windows XP/ Vista 7/ 8
Dimension 190 × 150 × 90 mm
Gross weight 450 g


  • 1.4 MP with USB 3.0 specification
  • 2/3" SONY ICX285 sensor type
  • 400 to 1000 nm spectral response range
  • Progressive scanning mode
  • Automatic regional white balance
  • Suitable frames per second for smooth live images


Used for microscopic imaging, visual inspection, and measurement of test specimen across life science, gemology, archeology, forensic science and other industries.

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