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Paraffin Trimmer LPFT-A10

Paraffin Trimmer LPFT-A10

Paraffin Trimmer LPFT-A10 is a compact tabletop trimmer for removing excess paraffin from embedding tissue cassettes. Melted paraffin is collected into the attached waste collection box. Trims multiple blocks simultaneously. Equipped with grooved surface for proper wax drainage. It is ideal used for removing excess paraffin from cassettes in the medical, histology, research laboratories.



Temperature range RT to 90 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C
Working area 230 mm × 160 mm
Power consumption 150 W
Voltage AC 110 V/ 220V ± 10 %, 50 /60 Hz
External dimension (W × D × H) 255 × 180 × 155 mm
Packing dimension (W × D × H) 330 × 260 × 230 mm
Weight 3 kg


  • Microcomputer controller
  • Temperature sensors are made precise and reliable
  • Automatically save the last operational settings
  • Memory and automatic restoration function
  • LED display screen for temperature
  • Equipped with melted wax collection box
  • Grooved surface for proper wax drainage


Widely used in removing excess paraffin from tissue, embedding, biopsy, mega cassettes in the medical institutions, research labs, hospitals, pathology laboratories, etc.

Standard Accessories

No Accessory name Quantity
1 Waste paraffin collection boxes 5

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