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Textile Balance LTXB-A10

Textile Balance LTXB-A10

Textile Balance LTXB-A10 is high precision load cell sensor with compact design. Designed with LCD display with 110 (99.5 D) g capacity. The all four sides glass shield design offers protection to the weighing sample to weigh accurately as standard. Features with multi weighing unit conversation g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz square yard. It offers RS232C Interface easy operation and used in textile enterprises, scientific research institutions etc.



Capacity 110 (99.5 D) g
Test sample Raw silk
Cal. Weight 100 g
Resolution 0.001 (0.5 D) g
Sensor Load cell
Min weighing 0.004 g
Display LCD (white back light with black font)
Pan size Diameter 90 mm
Operation temp. 5 to 25°C
Repeat ability ± 0.002 g
Linear ± 0.003 g
Interface RS-232C
Dimension 240 × 190 × 265 mm
Packing dimension 475 × 315 × 485 mm
Unit mode Print out test report g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz/yd2
Power 110 to 240 V
Gross weight 8.5 kg


  • Suitable for testing all kinds raw silk
  • Conversion of seven textile units g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz square yard
  • Work under ambient temperature range 5 to 25°C
  • Offers 90 mm diameter pan for weighing
  • It setups time, date, yarn blend code and sample length
  • Designed with load cell sensor
  • LCD display with white back light and black font
  • Stores up to 100 groups of data
  • Print statistics for each weighing value and maximum (Max), minimum (Min), average value (AV), and Uneven rate (CV)
  • Equipped with external calibration, windshield and printer to print results


Textile Balance is used in the department for textile enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities etc.

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