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Vertical Autoclave LVA-F13

Vertical Autoclave LVA-F13

Vertical Autoclave LVA-F13 is top loading vertical pressure steam sterilizer with chamber capacity of 100 L, working sterilization temperature and pressure of 134°C and 0.22 MPa respectively. Designed LCD display with touch keypad and double stainless steel baskets to keep the sterilization material load. The chamber is constructed of long lasting 304 grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance property. The vertical autoclave units is equipped with PT/TT testing connector and pressure gauge to indicate temperature and pressure of the system. It works on electric heating or direct heating by immersing copper tubes of heating elements.



Capacity 100 L
Chamber volume 440 × 650 mm
Working Sterilization Temperature 134℃
Working Sterilization Pressure 0.22 MPa
Time Range 0 to 99 min
Sterilization Temperature Range 105 to 134℃
Heat Average ≤± 1℃
Power Consumption 4.5 kW
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Overall Dimension 750 × 550 × 13050 mm
Packing Dimension 840 × 640 × 1410 mm
Net weight 128 kg
Gross weight 160 kg


  • Material used stainless steel body structure, with hand wheel type structure to quickly open the door and door safety lock system
  • Designed LCD display with touch keypad
  • Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilizing, ensure the nice sterilizing
  • 3 times pulse vacuum, which make the vacuum rate as - 0.081mpa and ensure the high extracting of inner air from dressing
  • Over temperature & over pressure auto-protection
  • Designed with steam-water inner circulation system no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry
  • 4 fixed programs for appliance, medical dressing, rubbers and fluid, and the user can set the program as per requirement
  • Automatically route for water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, and draining, exhausting, vacuum drying
  • Equipped with the PT/TT testing connector, easy to run the testing
  • Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilizing, ensure the nice sterilizing
  • Adopts with immersed heating, with high heating efficiency
  • Automatically shut off with beep alarm after sterilization
  • Dual stainless steel baskets as standard accessory
  • Equipped with bacteria filter, ensure the sterile air enter the inner vacuum environment, avoid the second contamination


Vertical autoclave used in pharmaceutical industry, medicine and health care industry, Biotechnology, Microbiology for effective sterilization of glassware’s, biological materials, culture media and others.

Standard Accessories

Accessories no.Name MaterialQuantity
1Basket Stainless steel02 pcs

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